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2015 - دور أول

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F. Translation (5 Marks)

9) A- Translate into Arabic:

Tourism is a cultural aspect where people of different languages and

cultures meet. They can exchange ideas about many issues and interests. It

further helps deepen peaceful coexistence among nations.

B- Translate into English:

  1. ينبغى علينا بذل المزيد من الجهد لحماية البيئة من التلوث السمعى والبصرى .
  2. يحب الصغار والكبار قراءة القصص البوليسية لأنها شيقة ومسلية .
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E. Writing (6 Marks)

8) Write a paragraph of about 100 words on:

'Has reading become an old-fashioned habit?'

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D. The Novel (The Prisoner of Zenda) (9 Marks)

7) A- Answer the following questions:

1- What happened to the King after eating the cakes?

2- Why was Sapt so worried about Rassendyll's decision to ride alone

through the old town?

3- How did Rupert deceive Rassendyll?

4- What does Rassendyll learn from his adventures?

B- Read the following quotation and then answer the questions:

'Listen, if you're a man, you can save the king. Go back and pretend

to be him.'

1- Who said this? To whom?

2- Where was this said?

3- What would happen if that person refused to replace the King?

C- Find the mistake in each sentence and correct it:

1- The real King asked Detchard why his brother hadn't rewarded him.

2- Sapt wanted to punish Antoinette for helping Rassendyll.

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C. Reading (8 Marks)

5) Read the following passage, then answer the questions:

You are at a restaurant and you bite into a chilli pepper. Your eyes start

to water. You cough. You sweat. Your lips, tongue and mouth burn. It feels

like your head is going to explode. Your only thought is: 'Help! How can I

put out this fire?' What makes it burn is a chemical called capsaicin (or

capsicum). Capsaicin is the oil found in no other plant except hot pepper. It

is colourless and odourless. But if you put one drop of that oil into 100,000

drops of water and drank it, you would still feel the heat. Here is why it feels

like a fire in your mouth: your tongue has sensors that cause you to feel pain

from high temperatures. These sensors make you feel such pain. Some kinds

of chilli pepper are hotter than others. Therefore, the extra heat has to do

with the type – not the amount– of capsaicin.

A- Answer the following questions:

1- What is the effect of capsaicin on the human body?

2- According to the passage, what is capsaicin?

3- What does the extra heat depend on?

B- Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:

4- 'Your eyes start to water' means to................. .

a. have no tears b. become full of tears

c. wash with water d. be washed with water

5- The tongue sensors help to .............. .

a. sense high temperatures b. eat chilli pepper

c. produce extra heat d. give a burning sensation

6) Read the following passage, then answer the questions:

A Japanese professor has produced evidence to show that computer games

can have a bad effect on children. Many parents and grandparents have been

saying this for years, but they were largely ignored, being regarded as

technophobes. Parental worries about computer games often relate to their

effect on their children's health and on their own social skills. They feel that

they should be outdoors; getting exercise and enjoying the fresh air while

playing with their friends. Since many of them usually play by themselves,

they live rather isolated lives, with little opportunity to interact with other

people. As a result, they may be very poor at communication. Parents are

also worried in case the violence of many of the games will cause their

children to become more aggressive and violent themselves. This anxiety

also applies to television, which often shows scenes of extreme cruelty.

A- Answer the following questions:

1- Why are many parents and grandparents regarded as technophobes?

2- What does the underlined word 'themselves' refer to?

3- How far do you agree with the evidence produced by the Japanese

professor? Why?

B- Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:

4- 'poor at communication' means.................... .

a. unable to use their mobile phones

b. clever at making fewer phone calls

c. having difficulty in socializing with others

d. having the ability to speak in public

5- Violence, cruelty and aggressiveness can be caused by...............

a. computer programmes b. parental worries

c. technophobes d. TV scenes and computer games

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B. Vocabulary & Structure (14 Marks)

3) Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:

1- The Prime Minister is going on an urgent …………… to Japan tomorrow.

a. mission b. mansion c. mention d. motion

2- You don’t need …………… add more salt to this dish.

a. for b. on c. to d. of

3- …………… out! A bus is coming.

a. Put b. Set c. Watch d. Bring

4- Dalia regrets not finishing her work yesterday. She wishes she…….…..it.

a. finished b. has finished c. finishes d. had finished

5- Some people keep on destroying the environment by throwing factory

………… in rivers and seas.

a. waist b. waste c. paste d. haste

6- The plane to Brazil ………… off tomorrow at 6: 00 a.m.

a. is taking b. takes c. will take d. is going to take

7- I really admire Charles Dickens as a novelist as his writing …... is unique.

a. behaviour b. attitude c. style d. conduct

8- The lazy student admitted …………..his homework at home.

a. leaving b. to leave c. left d. leaves

9- He isn't.............. for this special task.

a. magnified b. quantified c. liquefied d. qualified

10- I can't remember where I had left my mobile phone. I'm not sure, I………

it at home.

a. must have left b. might have left c. can leave d. must leave

11- You should……….your hand if you want to answer the teacher's question.

a. arouse b. arise c. raise d. rise

12- ……………… his old age, he is still energetic.

a. Despite b. Although c. While d. Because of

13- An eclipse of the sun is a strange natural……………… .

a. superstition b. phenomenon c. tradition d. custom

14- Unless he ………….. me, I wouldn't have been able to finish the work

quickly and accurately.

a. had helped b. has helped c. helped d. helps

15- She was in ……….of the company during my absence.

a. role b. charge c. part d. responsibility

16- I don't like………….. at.

a. people laughing b. having laughed

c. being laughed d. people laughed

4) Find the mistake in each of the following sentences, then write it correctly:

1- What do you expect them to doing in this critical situation?

2- Lots of people stood in the street to watch the Queen's profession.

3- She wanted to know why had he been angry the day before.

4- Man's invention of space was a remarkable success about fifty years ago.

5- Shakespeare, who plays are well- known worldwide, is a great playwright.

6- The Pyramids and the Sphinx are among the most famous trademarks in


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A. Language Functions (8 Marks)

1) Respond to each of the following situations:

1- Nour says that manual work is an exercise in itself. You think she's right.

2- Menna asks you about today's songs. What do you think?

3- You are asked, 'Why were you absent yesterday?'

4- Your friend asks you how to make boiled eggs.

2) Mention the place, the speakers and the language function of each of the

following two mini-dialogues:

1- A: How many litres, sir? Place: ………....

B: Only fifteen. Speaker A: …...

A: The tank, please. Speaker B: …...

B: How much? Function: ….….

A: Thirty- nine pounds.

2- A: Do you have any previous experience in

accounting? Place: ………....

B: Yes, I have worked for two years in Speaker A: …...

'The Integrated Company'. Speaker B: …...

A: Leave your phone number and we'll contact you. Function: ….….

B: Certainly. Thank you, sir.